Services Available

Domestic Building Energy Ratings: We are able to provide Building Energy Ratings for both new and existing dwellings using one of our registered BER Assessors.

Non-Domestic Building Energy Ratings: We can provide Building Energy Ratings for new and existing non-domestic (commercial and industrial) buildings and level 3 and level 4.

Snag lists: We are able to prepare snag lists for residential and commercial properties.

Building surveys and measured surveys: We can provide a full range of surveys from acquisition to advising on condition, defects and their remedies. Where necessary we will advise on the need for specialist investigations. We can also provide disability access audits and measured surveys of buildings.

Maintenance Strategies: We can assess a property’s condition, its future maintenance liability and advise on strategies to improve operations and cost effectiveness.

Building pathology advice: We can accurately diagnose building defects and failures using our knowledge and understanding of materials, design and construction technology.
Specification and Administration of Building Works: Following assessment of a building we can specify, implement and administer a range of building works including the maintenance, repair, refurbishment and alteration of existing structures. Where applicable we can make application for statutory consents and provide Certificates of Compliance with building regulations and make applications for Fire Safety Certificates.

Conservation: We can offer a specific expertise in the survey, impact assessment and management of historic buildings and protected structures ensuring that works to such buildings are organised in a sensitive and appropriate manner. In addition we can, on behalf of our client, apply for grant funding and provide regular project reports for grant funders.

Project monitoring: We can protect the interests of third parties in development projects – principally investment funds, banks, purchasers and tenants – by monitoring throughout the development and reporting on progress and quality.

Dilapidations Advice: We can advise both landlord and tenants on their leasehold liabilities and negotiate a financial settlement on their behalf at lease expiry. We can also provide Schedules of Condition prior to commencement of a lease or before construction/ development works on an adjacent site.

Project Management: We can provide project management services from the pre-contract phase through to completion. Our services can include: development of the brief; selection of other consultants and contractors; management of the design team; and project co-ordination.

Insurance assessments and claims: We can provide insurance reinstatement assessments and, in the event of a claim, liaise with the insurer and loss adjuster and organise repair works.

Mediation: Using an Accredited Mediator we can provide mediation services in property and construction related disputes. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which those involved in the dispute are encouraged to develop their own solutions. It can therefore be a cost effective and efficient alternative to litigation. The mediator would be employed jointly by both parties and usually instructed by the legal representatives.